Easter Holiday Appointments Available for Kinesiology and Massage Therapy – Give Yourself a Boost!

There are still some appointments available during the Easter holidays – do get in touch now to book-in.

Kinesiology – many people feel they need a boost at the end of a long, British winter.  With Kinesiology we can identify what the body needs – to add in, or foods and products that need to be eliminated for a time – to rebalance and restore a feeling of wellbeing. There is a package combining the first appointment and the follow-up, which provides a discount on paying for them separately.  Please click the link for details on Systematic Kinesiology:

Massage Therapy – everyone knows that massage is good for you!  Yes, it relaxes mind and body, but it has a number of other benefits too, and can be tailored to specific needs.  Even better, there is a discount for anyone who chooses to bring their own towels – please click the links and scroll down for massage therapy details and towel discount – Deep tissue massage, remedial massage and therapeutic massage

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

In health, Jilly.

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